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Introducing the First NIOSH Approved and NFPA Compliant SCBA Platform to Provide a Rechargeable Battery
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There’s a new way to deal with replacing SCBA Alkaline batteries … DON’T!

Introducing the first NIOSH approved and NFPA compliant SCBA platform to provide a rechargeable battery!  Stop wasting time and money on replacing your SCBA Alkaline batteries and take advantage of the latest technology. 

Benefits of MSA G1 SCBA Rechargeable Battery include:

  • Lightweight:  1/2 lb. lighter than G1 Alkaline battery packs
  • Earth-friendly:  Renewable energy option
  • Convenient:  Save time and money on Alkaline battery replacement

G1 Rechargeable Battery

P/N 10148741-SP

MSA G1 Rechargeable Battery


Benefits of MSA G1 Six Bay Smart Charger include:

  • Rapid charging:  Full charge in just six hours
  • Portable:  Compact charging station
  • Convenient:  Charges up to six batteries at one time

Smart Charger

P/N 10158385

MSA G1 Smart Charger


Contact your local distributor or MSA Sales Manager to set up your free G1 Trial Today!  For more information, refer to the introductory flyer:  MSA G1 Rechargeable Battery.