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NEW Fixed Gas & Flame Detection Market Specific Application Notes
  • Fixed Gas & Flame Detection Fixed Gas & Flame Detection

MSA recently released a variety of informative market specific application notes for your reference:

app note 0700-78

Bulletin #0700-78:  Methane Gas Monitoring Throughout Brownfield Developments discusses the importance of monitoring a property where its expansion, redevelopment, or reuse may be complicated by the presence of hazardous substances.  MSA features the MultiGard® Gas Sampling System for this particular market.


app note 07-2090

Bulletin #07-2090:  Monitoring for Oxygen Deficiency - MRI Units discusses the hazards of oxygen deficiency caused by helium coolant leaks in MRI rooms.  MSA's ToxGard® II Gas Monitor incorporates a sample draw pump system that uses no metal components near or inside the actual MRI room, eliminating radio frequency interference.


app note 07-0062Bulletin #07-0062:  Hydrogen Monitoring in Battery Backup Applications discusses the potential of hazardous hydrogen accumulation in confined space areas where battery backups are conducted for telecommunications and computer equipment.  MSA products featured for this particular market include Ultima® X Series of Gas Monitors and Sensors, TRIGARD® Standalone Sensor Units, and the GasGard® XL Controller.


app note 0700-77

Bulletin #0700-77:  Mechanical Equipment Rooms discusses the importance of monitoring refrigerant and combustible gases within mechanical rooms such as utility plants, chiller rooms, and boiler rooms.  Specific products featured for this market include the Chillgard® RT Refrigerant Monitor, Ultima X Gas Detector, Z-Gard® S Sensor, and AirHawk® II SCBA.


app note 07-2041

Bulletin #07-2041:  Vehicle Exhaust Monitoring discusses the importance of monitoring the presence of carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide in enclosed areas such as parking garages.  The Z-Gard® Series of monitors, controllers, and sensors are featured for this particular market.


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