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Update Release Notice - GALAXY® GX2 and MSA Link PRO
  • Portable Gas Detection Portable Gas Detection

New updates are now available for the GALAXY GX2 Automated Test System and for MSA Link Pro Software.  Changes were also made to the Digital Secure USB Keys.  This is the most comprehensive software release for MSA Link Pro and GALAXY GX2 yet.  Using the feedback from our customers, the following features were added to each software package:

MSA Link Pro Features (v1.0.9.169)

  • Automatic clearing of Out of Sync records
  • Out of Sync record reporting
  • “See My Own Bank” dashboard filtering
  • Add custom logos to reports (Logo Express)
  • Enhanced security management

GALAXY GX2 Features (v1.09.0169)

  • Streamlined GX2 status emails from networked test stands
  • Remote management of networked test stands
  • Security management of networked test stands

As a best practice, we recommend that all customers upgrade to the latest software versions if they are having trouble using the system with their portable detector.  This is especially true for customers that are using ALTAIR portable gas detectors with a previously purchased GALAXY GX2 test system. Older versions of GALAXY GX2 test stand software may not be compatible with new ALTAIR sensor configurations.

The upgrades are available for download on the MSA website:  www.msasafety.com -> Resources -> Product Software Downloads.  Click on the Upgrade icons and follow the download directions.

Upgrade buttons

Changes to Digital Secure USB Keys

The Digital Secure USB Keys will no longer ship with MSA Link Pro or GALAXY GX2 software on the key.  Customers should download the latest software from the MSA website.  Both keys are needed to use and maintain both products.  The MSA Link Pro key will still be needed to open the software license by inserting the digital secure key into the USB port of the user’s computer.  The GALAXY GX2 key will be needed to manually upgrade individual test stands that are not networked.

For more information, please contact MSA Customer Service 1-800-672-2222.

Update Release Notice - GALAXY GX2 and MSA Link Pro