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AMENDED User Safety Notice: SCBA Universal Air Connection (UAC) and Quick-FillĀ® Hose Fittings
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MSA is amending the June 10th, 2016 Safety Notice concerning the inability to connect Quick-Fill and UAC fittings as follows:

  1. We are adding a secondary Eaton affected date range for both the male and female fittings.  This additional date range is necessary after Eaton identified manufacturing inconsistencies with recently produced fittings.  The added date range is indicated on the attached amended notice and includes fittings that were shipped with new MSA products as well as replacement fittings provided to customers responding to our June 10, 2016 Safety Notice.
  2. We are clarifying the “Temporary Use of Affected UAC Fittings” section.
  3. Once the affected fittings are replaced, CARE technicians are to return all affected male and female fittings to MSA, rather than destroy them.

For clarification, the attached amended Safety Notice restates the relevant information from the initial Safety Notice and includes the above changes.

If you have any questions regarding this notice, please contact MSA Customer Service:

Again, we apologize for any inconvenience that this situation may cause; however, your safety and continued satisfaction with our products is most important to us.

Best regards,

Chuck Seibel

Charles J. Seibel, Jr.
Manager of Product Safety

Amended User Safety Notice:  SCBA Universal Air Connection (UAC) and Quick-Fill Hose Fittings