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New Technical Brief: Five Tips for Safer Turnarounds
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Plant management teams at refineries and other petrochemical facilities periodically schedule turnarounds (TARs), a process to inspect, test, repair, replace, or upgrade production unit equipment.  TARs can be especially disruptive due to their complexity and are potentially more hazardous than normal plant operations for many reasons. 

MSA's new technical brief Five Tips for Safer Turnarounds discusses TAR hazards and provides tips on how to successfully complete necessary tasks without incident during these shutdowns.  

If you are planning or about to begin a TAR, MSA is the integrated safety company with more than 100 years of experience in protecting petrochemical plant workers.  The highly trained team of safety experts at MSA provides a complete selection of process control safety instruments and personal protective equipment to help ensure that your TAR is completed without injury to workers or damage to the plant.  For more information, contact MSA Customer Service 1-800-672-2222 or visit www.MSAgasdetection.com.