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Introducing MSA Latchways WinGrip® System
  • Fall Protection Fall Protection
The new MSA Latchways WinGrip System is your solution for fall protection in the aerospace industry!

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MSA is excited to introduce the Latchways WinGrip System!  This vacuum-based fall protection solution is ideal for use in aircraft manufacturing and maintenance environments.  Workers wearing full body harnesses attach to the system via work positioning ropes, enabling hands-free maintenance access.

WinGrip is intrinsically safe and flexible, quick and easy to install, and suitable for both indoor and outdoor work environments.  Other product highlights include:

  • Approved and used by all major aircraft manufacturers
  • Runs on compressed air or nitrogen, no electrical requirement
  • Modular system which can be tailored to customer needs and requirements
  • Guaranteed safety period for all systems should an issue occur

WinGrip BulletinTo learn more about WinGrip features and range of product configurations, refer to MSA Latchways Solutions for Aerospace.