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NEW Latchways® Leading Edge Self-Retracting Lanyard
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The newest advancement in MSA's fall protection line, the Latchways Leading Edge Self-Retracting Lanyard (SRL), leverages all the benefits, plus enhancements, of the standard SRL while adhering to ANSI Z359.14 specifications for anchoring at foot level.  This device is most suitable for applications where the anchor point is above the top edge, and where the cable would be drawn over a sharp edge in the event of a fall.  This is ideal in work environments such as roofing, wooden beams, formwork, reinforcing steel, and other types of leading edge construction.

Product highlights include:

  • Expansive Mobility -- Automatically extends and retracts during use for freedom to move over large work areas.
  • Reliable Technology -- Patented Constant Force® technology and patented Full Contact™ locking mechanism assures that the device will not freeze, hang up, or corrode.
  • Versatile Connections -- Connects to a broad range of personal fall arrest systems for optimum compatibility with both vertical and horizontal applications.

Leading Edge BulletinFor more information on Latchways Leading Edge SRL features, tested standards, available connectors, and ordering information, see our new bulletin MSA Latchways Leading Edge SRL or visit our webpage.