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SAFETY NOTICE: Calgaz™ Calibration Gas – Econo-Cal Cylinders
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MSA recently received notification from Calgaz, one of our calibration gas suppliers, that they erroneously shipped approximately 110 cylinders that did not meet minimum service pressure requirements for a size 2AL cylinder (DOT 39 NRC) and thus are not authorized for further distribution or use.

As a result of this condition, MSA will replace affected cylinders free of charge.  Affected cylinders are missing DOT information imprinted on the bottom of the cylinder as illustrated on the attached Safety Notice.

Although affected cylinders must not be distributed or used, Calgaz advised that they received a written statement from the cylinder manufacturer stating that they are confident in the safe operation of this nonconforming cylinder at a fill pressure of 500 psi.  The manufacturer has based its statement upon the cylinder sidewall thickness as produced and burst test pressure in excess of 1500 psi.

Affected calibration gas cylinders were potentially shipped from MSA between September 6, 2016 and October 3, 2016 and involve the following MSA part numbers:

Calgaz parts

To obtain free replacements, the affected cylinders must meet the following requirements:

  • Cylinder is one of the Part No’s and associated Lot No’s listed in the chart above.
  • Cylinder is missing the DOT information on the bottom, as indicated in the example on the attached safety notice.  

If you have any affected cylinders, the best course of action is to quarantine them and follow the attached guidelines titled Handling Instructions for 2AL CylindersTo obtain replacement cylinders, please complete the attached order form and email it to MSA Customer Service at the appropriate email address indicated below.  MSA will immediately ship the replacement calibration gas cylinders to you free of charge.

MSA Customer Service Contact Information:

We apologize for any inconvenience that this situation may cause; however, your safety and continued satisfaction with our products is most important to us.

Best regards,

Chuck Seibel

Charles J. Seibel, Jr.
Manager of Product Safety

Safety Notice:  Calgaz™ Calibration Gas – Econo-Cal Cylinders

Safety Notice:  Handling Instructions for 2AL Cylinders