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Announcing the New G1 SCBA Firmware 3.0!
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The MSA G1 SCBA was developed with the promise to provide continuous advancements in technology.  Fulfilling that promise, MSA is pleased to announce the release of the G1 SCBA Firmware 3.0! 

This release offers a host of new features, the first of which drives seamless implementation of the upcoming MSA G1 Integrated Thermal Imaging Camera (TIC) Control Module, an industry first.  Whether searching for a hot spot, victim or escape route, the MSA G1 Integrated TIC will provide you with the ability to see through smoke and darkness.

Another industry first includes Bluetooth® connection to MSA Portable Gas Detection Instruments.  This feature allows incident command visibility into air quality information through the G1 SCBA telemetry system.

Finally, this update provides the user with the ability to activate the Tentative Interim Amendment (TIA) to the 2013 edition of 1982 NFPA PASS Alarm sound pattern.  This new universal PASS alarm tone was designed to be more recognizable to the ear, aid in determining the directionality of the sound and override the traditional “din” of the fire ground, ultimately improving the response time to a downed firefighter. 

To ensure these updates are executed as swiftly and easily as possible, MSA incorporated Bluetooth technology into the G1 SCBA.  This Bluetooth link will allow every G1 SCBA to be updated wirelessly with the new Firmware 3.0.  The attached document provides step by step instruction on how to perform the update as well as information regarding new features, product enhancements, and compatibility requirements.

Beginning today, December 21st 2016, all MSA G1 SCBA and replacement parts shipped from Murrysville, Pennsylvania will be equipped with Firmware version 3.0.  Products shipped prior to this date will need to be updated using MSA A2 Software.  If you have any questions, please contact MSA Customer Service 1-877-MSA-FIRE.

G1 SCBA Firmware 3.0 Notice with Update Instructions