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ULTIMA® X5000 - The Future of Gas Detection!
  • Fixed Gas & Flame Detection Fixed Gas & Flame Detection

Ultima X5000 video

The ULTIMA X5000 Gas Monitor is the new revolution of gas detection for oxygen, toxic, and combustible gases!  Powered by a series of best in class sensors, its performance is guaranteed by the industry’s most comprehensive warranty coverage. 

The ULTIMA X5000 is the replacement for the previously successful ULTIMA X, and has eliminated any need for a tool or controller since it can be operated by two touch buttons on the face or via Bluetooth-enabled smartphone.

Other notable features include:

  • MSA XCell® Gas Sensors with TruCal® Technology – Detect sensor failures without applying calibration gas, and compensate for sensor drift due to environmental changes.
  • Two Sensor Inputs – Double the coverage by having the ability to connect to two sensor inputs into one transmitter.
  • Advanced OLED Display – Multilingual, easy to read touch-screen makes it simple to navigate.
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