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MSA Wins ISHN 2017 Readers' Choice Award!
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Readers Choice 1st


We asked for your help and you responded among thousands of ISHN subscribers who voted in the 2017 ISHN Readers' Choice Awards.  The results are in and we are proud to announce that MSA's Latchways Leading Edge Self-Retracting Lanyard (SRL) won in the Fall Protection Lanyards category! 

Leading EdgeThe Latchways Leading Edge Self-Retracting Lifeline (SRL) allows the user to tie-off at foot level while providing protection against sharp, abrasive edges commonly found in many construction and industrial work applications.  It is designed with an integral energy-absorber to ensure the lifeline remains intact in the event of a fall over a sharp edge.

ISHN’s annual best-in-class safety and health products and services awards are based on voting by ISHN’s readership. Categories include all major PPE types, facility safety products such as machine guards and lockout/tagout devices, signage, chemical exposure monitoring, safety data sheet management, and safety and health training.

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MSA is honored by this award.  We appreciate you taking the time to vote, and for recognizing MSA's most innovative PPE and safety products as best-in-class!