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NEW! MSA ALTAIRĀ® Grid Takes Portable Gas Detection to the Next Level
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In the battle against the unexpected, you deserve an unfair advantage.  Introducing the MSA ALTAIR Grid, a real-time remote monitoring service for portable gas detection!

By utilizing the MSA ALTAIR Connect App, compatible with our industry-leading ALTAIR 4XR and ALTAIR 5X gas detectors, the ALTAIR Grid provides simultaneous location mapping for dozens of individual workers using a secure web-based virtual control room.

At MSA, we took an inventive approach using wireless detection and cloud-hosted data storage to expand remote monitoring capabilities and ensure worker safety.  With the MSA ALTAIR Grid, the safety of your workers and your work site is always in view.  Broad tools like real-time detection, real-time analysis, and seamless alert notification provide greater defense from disaster with the ability to instantly assess and avoid high-risk situations.

Respond proactively to gas exposure alarms and other potentially dangerous situations in the field with the MSA ALTAIR Grid:

  • Connect an unlimited number of Bluetooth-enabled ALTAIR 4XR and 5X to the ALTAIR Grid.
  • Monitor and interact with all connected detectors.
  • Search, review, update, and download historical incident information.

Only MSA ALTAIR Grid provides a proactive defense over any worksite condition, even when the worksite is miles away.  For more information, visit http://us.msasafety.com/altairgrid.