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User Notice: G1 Facepiece Exhalation Valve
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MSA has received a small number of customer reports that indicate the G1 Facepiece exhalation valve may stick closed under certain conditions.  The reports received indicate that this condition has occurred during the initial donning of the G1 Facepiece, making it recognizable prior to initiating air flow from the SCBA.  It is also notable to state that this occurrence represent less than 1% of the of G1 Facepiece population.

As part of our continuous improvement effort, MSA has implemented a change in our exhalation valve material and improved certain manufacturing and processing conditions to eliminate this exhalation valve nuisance.  Internal testing and field trials have confirmed these changes have accomplished our continuous improvement objectives.

Effective April 10th 2017, MSA has implemented the material change and process improvements to the exhalation valve of the G1 Facepiece.  Due to the nature and timing of this condition occurring, MSA is not requiring users to change out their exhalation valves.  We are confident that the exhalation valves in the field do not pose a safety risk to G1 SCBA users.

We will make replacement exhalation valves available to any customer that wishes to have them.  The replacement of these valves is a simple process that DOES NOT require a CARE certified technician or a flow test once completed.  Therefore, if it is decided to replace exhalation valves, the change can be handled by fire departments or channel partners in conjunction with an annual flow or fit test.

Regardless of which exhalation valve is being used in your G1 Facepieces, please continue to follow MSA’s cleaning and disinfection instructions outlined in the user manual to ensure optimal operation of your MSA G1 SCBA.

To receive replacement G1 Facepiece exhalation valves, or for further questions, please contact MSA Customer Service 1-866-672-6977.

Brian J. Bunofsky

Brian Bunofsky

Product Group Manager - Respiratory Protection

User Notice - G1 Facepiece Exhalation Valve