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Introducing the Newest in MSA's Range of Fall Protection Solutions: The V-TECâ„¢ Self-Retracting Lanyard (SRL)!
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Premium components and innovative engineering make the MSA V-TEC SRL the smartest, most compact and lightweight self-retracting lanyard ever developed!  With easy inspection and controlled lifeline retraction, the V-TEC offers all the benefits you need for worker protection:

  • Multiple spring radial energy-absorbing technology eliminates the need for an external energy-absorber outside of the housing.
  • Retraction dampening technology prevents excessive speed, and protects internal parts from damage.
  • Internal components consisting of durable polycarbonate and clear casing makes for easy inspection.
  • On-site replacement of cable, energy absorber, and retraction dampener minimizes downtime.
  • Fully rotating attachment point, both 360° and 180°, provides complete user mobility.V-Tec SRL Bulletin

The MSA V-TEC SRL is suitable for use in multiple work applications for industries such as construction, general, utilities, and oil & gas.  For more information, see our bulletin MSA V-TEC 20 ft. SRL or contact MSA Customer Service 1-800-672-2222.