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PRODUCT INFORMATION NEWS: Disengaging a Jammed G1 Cylinder Quick-Connect
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If the female cylinder quick-connect coupling does not disengage from the male cylinder adapter, it may be due to damage from an impact force on the coupling.  The damage can result in difficulty disconnecting the female coupler from the male adapter.  If this condition occurs, follow the instructions below.


PIN G1 quick connect

  1. The SCBA should be removed from service.
  2. Close the cylinder valve and depressurize the system.
  3. Rotate, pull back, and hold the coupling hand-wheel.
  4. While holding back the hand-wheel in the disengage position, push the collar toward the hand-wheel.  The coupler should disengage from the male adapter.
  5. Inspection of the unit should be conducted by a certified CARE technician.  If any other damage is found, additional repair and service may be required.

The quick-connect coupling should be replaced by a certified CARE technician in accordance with the procedure described in the G1 SCBA Pressure Reducer CARE Manual (Bulletin #10164855).

PIN:  Disengaging a Jammed G1 Cylinder Quick-Connect