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Introducing MSA Latchways® Vertical Ladder Lifeline Kits
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MSA Latchways Vertical Ladder Lifeline Kits provide an easy-to-install solution when fall protection is necessary for climbing activities on fixed ladders, and meets the OSHA 1910 Walking Working Surfaces for General Industry Standard for ladder fall protection.

Latchways Vertical Ladder Lifeline Kits allow for hands-free movement up and down the entire height of the ladder, eliminating the need to disconnect and find new tie-off points.  In the event of a fall, a climbing device automatically engages the vertical lifeline and locks, arresting the fall and potentially saving a life.  These vertical ladder kits come in multiple lengths for different ladder heights and must be used in conjunction with the Latchways LadderLatch™ climbing device (sold separately).

The MSA Latchways LadderLatch climbing device is an attachment device for use on all Latchways Vertical Fall Protection Systems.  It incorporates a unique star-wheel feature which allows the unit to pass over cable supports without the need to detach giving the user a feeling of free-climbing.  It also includes an anti-inversion mechanism so the device cannot be connected to the cable upside down.

Vertical Ladder Ktis

MSA Latchways Vertical Ladder Lifeline Kits are a simple solution for companies who need to update their safety programs to comply with the OSHA 1910 Walking Working Surfaces requirements for fixed ladder fall protection.


For more information, see the MSA Latchways Vertical Ladder Kits bulletin or visit www.MSAsafety.com.