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Five Innovations in Fixed Gas Detection That Improve Plant Safety Featured in Petro Industry News
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Five Innovations

Process and plant engineers know the dangers of undetected hazardous gases, especially in the oil/gas and chemical industries where hydrocarbon-based fluids are both the product and a daily safety challenge.  There have been many great strides in the safety industry in adopting the latest digital technologies and advances in materials and construction techniques.  MSA's article Five Innovations in Fixed Gas Detection That Improve Plant Safety featured in Petro Industry News examines the important trends in fixed gas detection systems that are worth paying attention to at this time.  This is especially true if a plant is in need of an upgrade in the near future:

  1. Sensing Technology and Configuration
  2. Touch Screen Displays
  3. Wireless Bluetooth
  4. Digital Bus Communications
  5. Onboard Diagnostics

The safety industry has a long history of innovation and recognizes the need to improve performance, increase reliability, and simplify use and maintenance.  For more information, visit MSA's full line of fixed gas and flame detection products or contact MSA Customer Service at 1-800-672-4678.