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MSA Article "Turn to Open-Path Laser Detectors for HF Gas Safety" Featured in Hydrocarbon Processing Magazine
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Hydrocarbon Processing

About the Article:  MSA's recently published case study, Turn to Open-Path Laser Detectors for Hydrogen Fluoride Gas Safety, focuses on a refinery that had concerns about potential hydrogen fluoride (HF) gas releases.  The Senscient ELDS™ Open Path Gas Detector was the product of choice to provide the maximum level of protection with the highest service uptime availability, and no maintenance.  The refinery process engineering team continues to be satisfied with the performance of the open-path gas detector for HF monitoring, and no missed events or false alarms have occurred since the detection system was put into service.  The engineers also appreciate having virtually zero maintenance detectors, which are expected to provide a significant operational maintenance cost savings over other types of HF gas detection technologies.

About the Magazine:  Hydrocarbon Processing covers technological advances, processes and optimization developments from throughout the global Hydrocarbon Processing Industry (HPI). Hydrocarbon Processing editors and writers provide real-world case studies and practical information that readers can use to improve their companies’ operations and their own professional job skills.

About the Author:  Kevin Dean is a Product Manager with MSA Safety, and has more than 35 years of experience in industrial gas detection.  He has held numerous sales, marketing and product management roles within the industry before joining Senscient, which is now part of MSA Safety.