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MSA Article "Six Fixed Gas Detection Innovations to Consider for Safer Plants" Featured in IPP&T Magazine
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ABOUT THE ARTICLE:  The dangers of undetected combustible and toxic gases in hazardous industries are well-known to process and plant engineers.  The article Six Fixed Gas Detection Innovations to Consider for Safer Plants focuses on the importance of adopting and developing a whole new generation of innovative gas monitoring technologies.  The six emerging trends highlighted in the article include:   

  1. Electrochemical Cell Sensor Advances
  2. Laser-Based Gas Open Path Detectors
  3. Onboard Diagnostics - Ease of Maintenance
  4. Wireless Bluetooth
  5. Data and Communications
  6. Dual Gas Transmitters

The safety industry has a long history of innovation and recognizes the need to improve performance, increase reliability, and simplify use and maintenance.  For more information, visit MSA's full line of fixed gas and flame detection products.

ABOUT THE MAGAZINE:  Industrial Process Products & Technology (IPP&T) Magazine features the latest articles on process stories, application notes and technology features, including over 200 new products in each issue.  The magazine’s target audience includes plant and consulting engineers, and operative and administrative management.  IPP&T is published six times per year.  

Six Fixed Gas Detection Innovations to Consider for Safer Plant was written by Carrie DuMars, Product Line Manager for MSA Safety.