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ICM TXR Integrated PASS Discontinued on AirHawk® II SCBA
  • Supplied-Air Respirators Supplied-Air Respirators

The ICM TXR Integrated PASS, offered as an option on MSA's AirHawk II SCBA platform, is discontinued effective immediately.  Additionally, ICM TXR replacement units are no longer available.  This action is necessary due to the obsolescence of a supplied key component used in the manufacturing of the radio transmitter for the Integrated PASS Device.

The ICM TX (no radio) PASS option will continue to be available up until August 1, 2018 at which time it will also be discontinued. 

The following AirHawk II ATO configuration options are no longer available for order: 

  • ATO-A2H – High Pressure Gauge / Integrated PASS Options: D, E, J and K
  • ATO -A2L – Low Pressure Gauge / Integrated PASS Options: D, E, J and K

The following replacement ICM TXR Kit part numbers are no longer available for order:

  • 10063247, 10063248, 10063271, 10063272, 10063275, 10063276

MSA will continue to support these products as parts are available.  ICM TX and ICM TXR repairs will continue  through August 1, 2021, OR as long as repair parts are available.

PDF of Discontinuation Notice - ICM TXR and ICM TX PASS Devices