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Free MSA Sponsored Webinar: Confined Space Rescue – Knowing You’re Ready
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In conjunction with Occupational Health & Safety, MSA is proud to sponsor Confined Space Rescue – Knowing You're Ready.

DATE:  Thursday, March 29, 2018
TIME:  2:00PM (ET)

ABOUT THE WEBINAR:  Not understanding rescue regulations and standards can cost employers aggravating and expensive legal citations, and more importantly puts workers' lives at risk with a botched rescue performance.  Confined Space Rescue - Knowing You're Ready Webinar addresses the critical issues of confined space rescue service selection:

  • In-house or outside team
  • Combination teams
  • Rescue response vs. rescue standby
  • External/entry rescue approaches
  • Training requirements
  • Rescuer evaluation (individual and team)
  • Rescue practice
  • Incident strategies

ABOUT THE SPEAKER:  Michael Roop is an independent safety consultant and trainer.  As a consultant, Roop evaluates and develops safety programs, investigates and reports accidents/incidents, performs safety audits, and conducts safety training.  He serves on safety standard setting committees, and also serves as a CS/FP expert witness.  Michael is the founder and former owner/CEO of Roco Rescue and wrote a rescue book - "Confined Space and Structural Rope Rescue."