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FDIC Block Party 2018 - Back and Better Than Ever!
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MSA Block Party 2018

FREE food, FREE drinks, FUN games, FABULOUS prizes! 

We hope you can hang out with us at this year's MSA Block Party featuring the popular G1 Readiness Race.  It's back and better than ever!  Here's what's happening:

  • G1 Readiness Race*:  To make the race a little more challenging, we added one new step to complete where participants must don a Globe turnout jacket.   Also, this race will feature the use of the new MSA Cairns XF1 Helmet, allowing contestants to get a look at the new product!
  • Head-to-Head Competition:  Top four winners from the G1 Readiness Race will battle head-to-head for the awesome prizes.
  • Win a G1 iTIC and Helmet: The winner of the race will receive five (5) G1 iTICs for their fire department, along with one (1) Cairns® Leather Helmet.

Must be 21+ for entry.

*  Check out the MSA Block Party website for a step-by-step demonstration video of the G1 Readiness Race.  We can't promise this will put you ahead of your competition!