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Discontinuation Notice: Select Constant Flow Respirators
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Several Constant Flow Respirators are discontinued effective immediately due to MSA's voluntary obsolescence of NIOSH approvals associated with these products. Component and replacement parts will be available. Constant Flow Respirators that include the Advantage 4000 Facepiece remain active as well as Abrasi-Blast and Duo Twin Respirators.

Constant Flow

Effective immediately, Constant Flow Respirators with UltraVue, Ultra Elite, and Comfo half mask facepieces are discontinued.  This is based on MSA's voluntary obsolescence of the NIOSH approvals (TC-19C-078 and TC-19C-113) associated with these Constant Flow Respirators.   Moving forward, the only Constant Flow Respirator(s) available from MSA will be those that include the Advantage 4000 Facepiece. 

Please note that although Constant Flow Respirators with alternate facepieces may no longer be ordered as complete respirators, the component and replacement parts such as breathing tubes, control valves, and replacement facepieces may continue to be ordered for support of all Constant Flow Respirators already in the field.  

All Constant Flow Respirators sold through May 7, 2018 are safe to use as the obsolescence was a voluntary business decision unrelated to product performance.  Please see the attached notice for further information.

This notice does not apply to Constant Flow Abrasi-Blast™ Supplied Air Respirator or Duo-Twin Airline Respirators which remain active with all currently approved facepieces.  For more information, please contact MSA Customer Service 1-800-672-2222.

Constant Flow Respirators Discontinuation Letter