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Coming August 1st - CairnsĀ® Leather Fire Helmet Product Updates!
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MSA is excited to announce three updates to the current Cairns leather fire helmet line: Standard availability of NFPA-compliant Bourkes lenses for both N6A and N5A helmets, new removable/washable goods for ALL leather helmets, and a Bronx bend option for both N6A and N5A fire beginning August 1st, 2018. Find out more here!


MSA is pleased to offer three product updates that preserve the character of the leather fire helmet while helping to improve safety:

1.  NFPA-compliant Bourkes lenses will be available on both the N6A and N5A

  • Traditional Bourkes lenses will be available on the N5A leather fire helmet ONLY
  • NFPA-compliant Bourkes lens replacement kit for leather fire helmets is available (P/N 10194911)
2.  Washable Soft Goods for MSA Cairns® Leather Fire Helmets
  • All of the soft goods for helmets assembled after August 1st, 2018 are removable and washable; this includes the crown pad, liner, ratchet pad and ear covers.
  • All headband liners for N5A & N6A will be flannel. Internal testing confirms that flannel headband liners withstand the rigors of regular washing significantly better than leather headband liners, which was the driving force behind this change.
  • Leather soft goods replacement parts will continue to be available.
  • Removable/washable soft goods cannot be retrofit into leather helmets manufactured prior to August 1st, 2018 due to their design.
  • Prices for the removable/washable options will be held steady through 2018 despite the fact that the cost of producing these items has increased.
3.  Bronx Bend
  • Firefighters who bend the brim of their leather fire helmet take the chance of ruining it which reduces its protection and negates the warranty!  Both the N5A and N6A are now offered with a Bronx bend option that helps prevent these problems.

As a result of these three updates, the following changes have been made to the leather fire helmet Assemble-To-Order (ATO) matrix:

  • Addition of NFPA-compliant Bourkes lenses  (Eye/Face Protection Option "M")
  • Elimination of Traditional Bourkes lenses as an option on N6A
  • Removal of Cairns 550 goggles; Innerzone 3 goggle is available as an NFPA-compliant replacement at similar price
  • Addition of removable/washable soft goods for all leathers
  • Elimination of non-removable soft goods
  • Addition of 4-point (with and without postman slide) chinstrap (Chinstrap Options 3 & 4, jointly)

Any leather fire helmet ordered by ATO as of August 1st, 2018 will have these updates when shipped.  Part numbered product available in PIDC warehouse ordered after September 15th, 2018 will have these updates.

For more details, please see MSA Cairns Leather Fire Helmet Bulletin also available on WebDAM.  For questions, contact MSA Customer Service 1-877-672-FIRE.