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Changes to CairnsĀ® Fire Helmet Labels
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Cairns fire helmet labels will be changing to new and improved versions. This change will affect the labels inside the helmets as well as the chinstrap hang tag labels. Start looking for the changes mid-August! We will continue to keep you updated as to other label changes.

As part of continuous improvement efforts for MSA Cairns Fire Helmets, you will notice a few changes to the fire helmet product labels beginning on or about August 15, 2018.

The first is a change to the product labels that appear in the fire helmet.  Previously, there was one large label that held product information, including helmet model, manufacturing date and more.  Problems such as missing information and label/ink adhesion had been reported. 


Old fire helmet label

As a result, the label is being divided into two smaller labels, and the adhesive and inks have been changed.  Additionally, the product information label has been redesigned for improved readability.  These changes, while an improvement over the old label, are not final and the team is working on getting the adhesion and inks even further improved.


New Label 1New Label 2

In addition to the label changes, you will also notice a removable hang tag on the chinstrap.  The QR code (or URL) shown takes the user to a landing page where they can access product instructions, videos, and registration.  This same QR code is also included on the non-variable information label within the helmet so product use information is always available.  The CD with the product instructions has been eliminated.  The QR codes can be accessed with a standard QR reader application.

Hang Tag 1Hang Tag 2

MSA will continue to keep you updated as to other label changes.  For more information, please contact MSA Fire Customer Service 1-877-672-3473.