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New ANSI V-Series Energy-Absorbing Lanyards: Standard, Tieback, and Stretch
  • Fall Protection Fall Protection
MSA is streamlining lanyard options to make selection easier and faster. Introducing the latest additions to the V-Series family: standard, tieback, and stretch lanyards! As a reminder, MSA will be phasing out select lanyard families in the near future.


The V-Series Standard, Tieback, and Stretch Lanyards are the latest addition to the MSA V-Series family of Fall Protection products.  With their new look, smaller energy absorber, and improved label protection, the transition from older styles of lanyards will be an easy choice.

The new V-Series Lanyards will help simplify the product selection process using iconography that will make identifying lanyard type quick and easy.  Attached are conversion guides for each of the mentioned lanyard families to assist in the selection process:

With our new streamlined offering of lanyard options, deciding on the best lanyard for your application needs will be easier and faster.  Please be aware that the following lanyard families will be phased out in North America on the following dates:

  • Workman and Sure-Stop Lanyards: 2/28/19
  • FP5K Lanyards: 2/28/19
  • Diamond Lanyards: 1/31/19

We encourage you to move quickly in adopting the new V-Series lanyard line.  If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact MSA Customer Service 1-800-672-2222.