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New higher-performing chlorine sensor for AltairĀ® Pro Single-Gas Detector
  • Portable Gas Detection Portable Gas Detection
Announcing our new higher-performing chlorine sensor for the Altair Pro Gas Detector! MSA has enhanced this chlorine sensor to offer these additional features:


  • Faster response time                                                                  
  • Better linearity at lower detection range                                         
  • Less effects due to humidity

All new orders for Altair Pro Detectors for chlorine (P/N 10076716) will be shipped with this new sensor starting June 15, 2009.

As this product is a new sensor design, all field units needing replacement sensors (P/N 10080221) must be shipped to MSA's Cranberry Service Center for a FREE software upgrade to version 2.3. Customers will be charged only for the sensor replacement, but will receive all great new sensor features.

Contact MSA Customer Service (1-800-MSA-222) or your Local MSA Distributor if you have any questions.