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Discontinuation Notice: MSA Link Pro Software
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MSA Link Pro Software will be discontinued on June 30, 2019. Schedule a demo of its replacement service, Safety io™ Grid Fleet Manager, today!

MSA Link Pro Software will be discontinued effective June 30, 2019. Learn how to switch to its replacement service (Safety io Grid Fleet Manager) today!


In 2018, MSA created a software services subsidiary called Safety io, LLC to provide more holistic safety solutions to customers.  Safety io Grid, a cloud-hosted industrial safety platform, simplifies gas detection programs via two exciting services, Live Monitor and Fleet Manager, the latter of which replaces Link Pro.  

What happens to MSA Link Pro support after June 30, 2019?

  1. MSA Link Pro software will no longer be available for download from www.MSAsafety.com.
  2. Updates, security patches, and repairs will no longer be made to the software.
  3. Software will no longer be validated for future Windows 10 operating system releases.
  4. License keys (MSA part numbers 10123938 and 10181412) will no longer be saleable.
  5. MSA Software Support will no longer assist with Link Pro setups.  Customers will be informed of Grid Fleet Manager and set up with a service demonstration: http://www.safetyio.com/demo.
  6. Existing MSA Link Pro customers will still be supported but are strongly recommended to transition to Grid Fleet Manager before the discontinuation date.

Please note:  Your MSA Link Pro data can be migrated easily into your Grid account.  To expedite this process, please contact the MSA Software Support Team at 1-800-672-2222.