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Introducing Two New Additions to the V-SERIES™ Harness Line -- V-FORM™ and V-FIT™
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MSA is pleased to announce two new additions to the V-SERIES harness line. The V-FORM and V-FIT now join the V-FLEX that was introduced last year.


When working at heights, having access to comfortable equipment can make a world of difference especially from the perspective of worker compliance and safety.  This is the reason MSA has invested in designing and manufacturing innovative and comfortable fall protection harnesses that meet a wide variety of needs and budgets.

MSA is excited to introduce the addition of 2 new harnesses to the V-SERIES line - the V-FORM and the V-FIT!  Each harness in the V-SERIES line is ergonomically designed to deliver exceptional comfort through the exclusive racing-style buckle, athletic cut and pull-down adjustment.  All of which allow workers a secure and comfortable fit that lasts throughout the day, so they can focus on their job rather than their harness.  

The full V-SERIES harness line is now comprised of 3 full-body, racing-style harnesses that have varying price points and comfort levels:

  1. The V-FORM:  Base model that features a patent-pending racing-style buckle, athletic cut to allow upper torso mobility, and pull-down adjustment. 
  2. The V-FIT:  Mid-range model that adds to standard features - nonconfining shoulder pads to conform with worker movement and patented leg straps that distribute webbing comfortably thereby reducing pressure points.
  3. The V-FLEX:  Introduced in 2018, this harness is MSA's premium model.  Comfort options are expanded with vented pads for cooling and a patent-pending hip juncture that rotates with the worker to provide exceptional mobility.   

For more information on MSA's V-SERIES harnesses, visit https://us.msasafety.com/vseriesfallprotection.