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Now Shipping! G1 5500 psi RIT Systems
  • Supplied-Air Respirators Supplied-Air Respirators
MSA G1 RIT Systems have everything needed for emergency response. Versatile systems enables selection of the right option for your application. See below for part number details.


Built for extreme conditions, the MSA G1 RIT Systems meet the needs of Rapid Intervention Teams (RITs) and provides firefighters with emergency breathing air within almost any situation quickly and easily. 

MSA now offers the following 5500 psi systems:

  • P/N 10197178 RIT, G1, TC, QF, UAC, GAUGE, QA BYPAS, 5500
  • P/N 10197179 RIT, G1, QF, UAC, GAUGE, QA, BYPAS, 5500
  • P/N 10197180 RIT System, G1, TC, QF, UAC, Gauge, 5500 PSIG
  • P/N 10197181 RIT System, G1, QC, QF, UAC, Gauge, 5500 PSIG
  • P/N 10197182 RIT System, G1, TC, QF, UAC, 5500 PSIG
  • P/N 10197183 RIT System, G1, QC, QF, UAC, 5500 PSIG
  • P/N 10197184 RIT System, G1, TC, Quick-Fill, 5500 PSIG
  • P/N 10197185 RIT System, G1, QC, Quick-Fill, 5500 PSIG

Note:  All RIT Systems are sold without bag, cylinder and straps.

All product mareting materials are currently available at www.MSAfire.com.  For further information, contact customer service at 1-800-MSA-FIRE.