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MSA Unveils LUNAR at FDIC!
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The future of firefighting is about to change. LUNAR is a wireless, handheld device that includes thermal imaging, firefighter ranging, motion alarm and cloud technology with GPS—delivering connectivity like never before possible.

At the annual FDIC In Indianapolis, Indiana last week, MSA unveiled LUNAR. This small, wireless, cloud-ready device is designed to provide higher levels of protection for firefighters through enhanced vision, improved situational awareness, and team connectivity.

LUNAR represents the latest addition to the ecosystem of MSA products that enable a level of accountability never achieved before in the fire service industry. When used together, this suite of products provides a new platform for firefighter safety the company has branded as MSA Connected Firefighter.

Designed for use as a stand-alone device or as part of an MSA SCBA system, LUNAR's proprietary technology keeps firefighters connected in a broad range of ways, including:

  • Personal Thermal Imaging:  Thermal imaging on every firefighter increases visibility and improves situational awareness.


  • Firefighter Ranging:  Combines direction and distance info with thermal imaging to find separated teammates and decrease response time.


  • Motion Alarm:  Sounds an alert if it does not detect a firefighter's motion - whether they are wearing an SCBA or not - to find separated teammates faster.


  • Cloud Connectivity:  Tracks firefighters in real time so that on and off-site command knows what is going on and can call in extra support if needed.

MSA expects to begin production of LUNAR in Summer 2020.  Learn more www.MSAfire.com/ConnectedFirefighter

LUNAR Press Release - April 11, 2019