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NEW! V-Gard® Cap in Matte Finish
  • Head, Eye, Face and Hearing Head, Eye, Face and Hearing
MSA is excited to announce the iconic V-Gard Cap is now available in a matte finish! Read the full article for more details.

You work in some of the most extreme environments imaginable.  You don't just talk about your job, you brag about it.  We know what's at stake every day that you put that V-Gard on, because you've told us.  We work tirelessly to develop products that exceed your standards and build on the trust you have given MSA. 

Your voice has helped the V-Gard stand strong as a leader in the market, providing comfort, durability, customization, and -- now more than ever -- style.  MSA is proud to announce the iconic V-Gard hard hat you know and love is available in a matte finish.  Shiny or matte, which will you choose?

See here for the full list of Matte Finish V-Gard Caps:

10203081 Matte White V-Gard w/FasTrac® III
10203082 Matte Blue V-Gard w/FasTrac III
10203083 Matte Yellow V-Gard w/FasTrac III
10203084 Matte Grey V-Gard w/FasTrac III
10203085 Matte Green V-Gard w/FasTrac III
10203086 Matte Red V-Gard w/FasTrac III
10203087 Matte Orange V-Gard w/FasTrac III
10203092 Matte Black V-Gard w/FasTrac III
10203088 Matte HV Yellow V-Gard w/FasTrac III
10203089 Matte HV Orange V-Gard w/FasTrac III

For more information, please visit MSA's Matte Finish V-Gard Landing Page or contact MSA Customer Service 1-800-672-2222.