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New eBook Available! Complete Fall Protection Solutions
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MSA is committed to helping reduce work-site injuries and is pleased to offer this new “Complete Fall Protection Solutions” eBook, which offers tips, best practices and additional solutions for implementing and improving fall-protection strategies on the worksite. Download your copy today!

Fall protection and fall hazards continue to be a major concern in the construction industry.  This has prompted many agencies and worksites throughout the country to focus even more on preventing falls.

MSA's new eBook guide to fall protection and prevention offers tips, best practices, and additional solutions for implementing and improving fall protection strategies on the worksite.  Topics include:

  • How to train your employees for a rapid response in case a fall accident does occur
  • Four types of rescue and the equipment needed in each case
  • "Leading edge" standards and the importance of the materials used in this equipment
  • Latest resources from OSHA to ensure your worksite is as safe as possible