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Inspection Notice: MSA WORKMAN® MINI & V-EDGE™ WEB 8ft/2.4m PFLs
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MSA is issuing an Inspection Notice that affects WORKMAN MINI and V-EDGE WEB 8ft/2.4m PFLs. Please take necessary inspection and replacement steps as detailed in this Notice. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

MSA is issuing this Inspection Notice to inform you that MSA has received a limited number of field reports in which the lifeline in a WORKMAN MINI PFL did not retract after being fully extended.  MSA has not received any reports of injuries associated with this condition.  However, we are requesting that you perform the inspection outlined in this notice.

Upon investigation of WORKMAN MINI PFL units, MSA determined that the fall clearance required for units exhibiting this condition may be greater than the fall clearance specified in MSA instruction manuals.  As a result, we recommend that an enhanced pre-use inspection be performed as outlined in this Inspection Notice.  Included in this inspection recommendation are the WORKMAN MINI PFL and V-EDGE WEB 8ft/2.4m PFL.  See Appendix A on page 6 of the attached Inspection Notice for a part number list.

MSA has implemented corrective actions for PFLs now being produced.  This Inspection Notice only applies to product marked with a manufacturing month of October 2019 or earlier.

MSA advises users to inspect MSA WORKMAN MINI and V-EDGE WEB 8ft/2.4m PFLs per the instructions in this Inspection Notice.  Remove from service, render unusable, and dispose of any PFL that does not pass inspection.

Inspection Instructions

Perform the following inspection to determine whether or not your web PFL needs to be taken out of service.

  1. If your PFL has a green dot on the box or a silver dot on the PFL body (see Figure 1 on the attached Inspection Notice), the unit has been inspected by MSA and this Inspection Notice does not apply.
  2. Pull out the full length of line as required to inspect the webbing per the Inspection Procedure (Section 10.2) of the WORKMAN MINI PERSONAL FALL LIMITER User Instructions and the Pre-use checks in the V-EDGE Personal Fall Limiter User Instructions.
  3. While the line is fully pulled out, visually inspect for the webbing termination (see Figure 2 on the attached Inspection Notice).
  4. Let the lifeline retract back into the housing in a controlled manner.

The PFL passes this inspection if any portion of the webbing termination is visible and the line operation is smooth without jerking during extraction or stalling during retraction.  All other pre-use inspections must be completed in accordance with the respective instruction manual.

Replacing Affected PFLs

We recognize that this is an inconvenience and, in an effort to minimize any disruption, we pledge to take any replacement actions as expeditiously as possible.

If you are in possession of PFLs that do not pass the inspection above, we will provide you with replacements free of charge.

To receive a replacement, please completed the attached MSA PFL Return/Replacement Form on page 7 of this Inspection Notice and e-mail it to MSA Customer Service at the appropriate e-mail address below.  Replacement PFLs will be shipped to you.

MSA Customer Service Contact Information

If you have any questions regarding this Inspection Notice, please contact MSA Customer Service as follows:

We apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause; however, your safety and continued satisfaction with our products is important to us.

Best regards,

Nate Andrulonis

Manager of Product Safety