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New Application Note: Odor Scrubber Monitor
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Scrubber gas monitoring systems at wastewater treatment plants serve the purpose of controlling odor and pollution. MSA's latest application note offers an overview of monitoring H2S removal efficiency in scrubbers and biofilters incorporating Ultima® X5000 gas sensing technology. Read more here!

With the increased concern about clean air, many wastewater treatment plants have added scrubber systems and biofilters to control odors and pollution from Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) and other waste biogases.  Known for its rotten egg smell, H2S is a colorless, clear toxic gas that is a potential danger to employees and frequently is the source of obnoxious odor complaints from nearby downwind residents and businesses. 

Read MSA's latest application note Odor Scrubber Monitor to learn the benefits derived from H2S scrubber gas monitoring systems incorporating Ultima X5000 gas sensing technology.