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Phase Out Notice: Legacy, Latchways Designed SRL Product Portfolio
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Effective June 2020, the Legacy product portfolio will be discontinued. Phase out of these products has begun and transitioning is now focused on the V-SERIES product portfolio. Read the full article for more details.

MSA is continuously investing in the development of innovative safety equipment, and this commitment continues to drive the release of exciting new products.  As technology progresses and new products are brought to market, we must evaluate our existing product offerings. 

Due to the recent launch of the V-SERIES SRL range in 6m, 10m and 15m, MSA plans to phase out the Legacy, Latchways designed SRL product portfolio.  The Legacy portfolio will be discontinued as of June 2020.

The part numbers included in the phase out include:

62207-00 62209-00
62210-00 62212-00
62215-00 62407-00
62409-00 62410-00
62412-00 62415-00
62705-00 62707-00
62710-00 62609-00
62615-00 62620-00

The 7m webbing product (P/N 62007-00US) Latchways Standard Web SRL, 23' (7m) will remain in the MSA fall protection portfolio until 2021.

MSA has a 2020 forecast and inventory of our standard, high running SKU's that is expected to last until June 1st, 2020.  Furthermore, a spare parts forecast has been calculated and we expect supply to cover 2 years of spare parts requirement.  We strongly encourage all customers to contact their local MSA representative if there are any inventory or spare parts requirements for 2020.

MSA's strategic direction for fall protection products is now focused on the V-SERIES portfolio, and we look forward to transitioning you to these exciting new products.