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The Future of Area Monitoring is Here -- Introducing the ALTAIRĀ® io360 Gas Detector!
  • Portable Gas Detection Portable Gas Detection
MSA has been protecting workers for 100+ years and is now embarking on a new wave of products that will redefine connected workers and worksites! The ALTAIR io360 offers the simple usability of a smart home product and the rugged, reliable performance you expect from MSA.

MSA is excited to introduce the all-new ALTAIR io360 Gas Detector!  This industry leading area monitoring gas detector is designed to effortlessly connect worksites of any size while offering the simple usability of a smart-home product. 

Engineered for rugged, reliable, best-in-class gas detection, the ALTAIR io360 protects fence lines, confined spaces, high-risk areas, and anywhere else a gas hazard might occur.  Benefits include:

  • Months (not hours or days) of runtime
  • Set up with just a few quick swipes on the mobile app
  • Reliability in extreme and tough conditions
  • MSA's XCell sensors for best-in-class performance
  • Purpose built for use with Safety io Grid Live Monitor & Fleet Manager

Weighing only 1.6 pounds, the ALTAIR io360 can be placed wherever a gas hazard might occur, quickly mounted with a 50 pound force magnet or built-in d-ring.  Constructed with a compact portable design that can withstand enviornmental extremes and a 10 foot drop, the ALTAIR io360 offers the quality and ruggedness you can expect from any MSA product. 

To learn more, see our new bulletin ALTAIR io360 Gas Detector or contact MSA Customer Service 1-800-672-2222.