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MSA G1 SCBA Now Qualified as Machine Washable!
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Great news! The MSA G1 SCBA can now be cleaned in its entirety in one of two SCBA designated washing machines. Both Solo Rescue® and Meiko are qualified options for this special service and details of the process can be found here.

The G1 SCBA is now qualified to be washed in Solo Rescue or Meiko manufacturer washing machines.  The G1 can be washed entirely (SCBA, Cylinder, and Facepiece) at one time.

MSA does require that the end-user utilizes caps/plugs to reduce the possibility of water ingress during the wash cycle.  The MSA kit part number for the caps/plugs is 10207584.

Please follow the G1 Washing Instructions when washing the G1 in one of these two qualified machines:

For more information, please contact your local MSA Sales Representative or MSA Customer Service 1-877-672-FIRE.