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Introducing the New Twin Cartridge Adapter for the G1 Facepiece
  • Air-Purifying Respirators Air-Purifying Respirators
The new G1 Facepiece Twin Cartridge Adapter is compatible with both NFPA and Industrial G1 Facepieces making it an ideal platform for industrial respiratory needs. See all the information including the new APR Adapter bulletin here!

MSA is pleased to announce the launch of the Twin Cartridge Adapter for the G1 Facepiece.  This allows your G1 Facepiece to cover multiple respiratory requirements for industrial and first responder needs.

The G1 Facepiece can now adapt to a full-face respirator for twin cartridge and air-purifying and supplied air applications.  Compatibility includes:

  • Approved with full-line of Advantage® Chemical, Combination and Particulate Cartridges and Flexi Filters.
  • Comfo® style cartridges and filters can be used with adapter.

This new twin cartridge adapter provides APR options in addition to the single port APR adapter that can be used for industrial gas mask canisters and NFPA version facepieces. 

Please see the attached product bulletin G1 Facepiece Twin Cartridge APR Adapter for details.