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Ultima® X Gas Monitor with HF Calibration Update
  • Fixed Gas & Flame Detection Fixed Gas & Flame Detection
Instruction Manual Addendum (P/N 10100752) for the Ultima® X Gas Monitor with HF Calibration

Based on in-depth testing with the Ultima X Gas Monitor, MSA has changed the calibration recommendation for HF Sensors:

  • All HF sensors leaving the MSA factory are now calibrated using SO2 with a span setting of 8.0 ppm.
  • The flow rate used for calibration is 0.25 lpm and the SO2 cylinder is P/N 10028070.
  • For older sensors already installed in the field, it is recommended that the span setting be changed to 8.0 ppm and an iCal performed with SO2.
  • This update can be accomplished by using the Ultima Controller.
  • Although the old HCL calibration is acceptable, the new recommendation provides greater stability over temperature and humidity ranges.