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NEW! OptimAir® TL Low-Profile Hoods and Response Kits
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MSA's industry-leading Optimair TL Powered Air-Purifying Respirator now offers a new low-profile hood option to meet diverse customer needs. To further complement the family of products, MSA is also offering response kits to the OptimAir TL product line. See all the details here!

MSA is pleased to announce that the industry-leading OptimAir TL PAPR is now even more versatile with a new low-profile hood option.  Customers now have an additional choice of respiratory inlet covering to meet diverse needs for response and protection.  Low-profile hood options cover the face and head but allows the use of other equipment that may be needed for auditory protection or enhancement. 

Hoods will be available in either yellow or white material.  We expect hoods to begin shipping in early August.  Due to current supply constraints, we do not expect yellow hoods to be available for shipment until later in 2020.

Low-profile hoods are NIOSH approved and are available in 4 or 20 packs and can be used with existing Optimair TL Kits.

10215117 Low-Profile PAPR Hood, OptimAir TL - 4 pack, Yellow
10215118 Low-Profile PAPR Hood, OptimAir TL - 20 pack, Yellow
*10215119 Low-Profile PAPR Hood, OptimAir TL - 4 pack, White
*10215120 Low-Profile PAPR Hood, OptimAir TL - 20 pack, White

With the launch of the low-profile hoods, MSA is also very excited to announce the introduction of our new Response Kits for the Optimair TL PAPR.  Response kits include a PAPR, extended life battery, charger, decon belt, 2 HEPA filters and choice of either a low-profile or full single-bib hood. 

10214804 OptimAir TL Kit with LP Yellow Hood, HE Filters, Extended Battery
*10214805 OptimAir TL Kit with LP White Hood, HE Filters, Extended Battery
10214891 OptimAir TL Kit with Full Hood, HE Filters, Extended Battery

See the attached updated OptimAir TL Powered Air-Purifying Respirator bulletin for additional product information and details. 

* soonest availability