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Now Available – V-GARD® Frameless Barrier
  • Head, Eye, Face and Hearing Head, Eye, Face and Hearing
MSA's new V-GARD Frameless Barrier offers a convenient, reusable and effective PPE solution you can trust to help protect the eyes, nose and mouth against droplets and splash. Read the full article to learn more!

While the environment and applications we work in continue to change, MSA's commitment to worker safety remains constant.  The new V-GARD Frameless Barrier is made in the USA and offers a convenient, reusable, and effective PPE solution you can trust.

The V-GARD Frameless Barrier is a lightweight face protection solution that can be quickly affixed to any cap-style MSA slotted hard hat.  Maximum visibility is maintained while the barrier helps to protect the eyes, nose, and mouth against droplets and splash.

Sold in convenient packs of 25, the barrier can be cleaned and decontaminated after each use and reused up to 30 times.*

For more information, download the new V-GARD Frameless Barrier Bulletin or visit www.MSAsafety.com.

* Follow all instructions and perform daily pre and post use inspections.