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Check Out the Latest Safety io Gas Detection Blog Posts
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Introducing a new series of Safety io blog posts that are excellent resources to understanding the essentials of a successful connected gas detection program. Check out the 3 latest posts here!

Safety professionals are accustomed to leading worker safety initiatives across work sites that can be separated by tens, hundreds, or even thousands of miles.  However, the recent COVID-19 pandemic introduced new safety management challenges.  Many safety professionals themselves were asked to work off-site while their essential worker colleagues continued to report to the worksite.  And although the physical location of "the office" might have changed, the expectations around safety goals and outcomes have not; in fact, in some cases, the level or urgency and scrutiny has increased.

Under this circumstance, being able to drive gas detection safety from anywhere became even more critical for any safety program.  In order to understand the essentials of a successful connected gas detection program, MSA created a new selection of three blog posts from our series:

  1. Elements of a Successful Gas Detection Program
  2. 10 Area Monitoring Must-Haves
  3. Gas Detection Safety From Anywhere

We hope you enjoy the latest reading.  Please feel free to share with your colleagues!