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MSA Sponsored On-Demand Webinar: Advance Your Worker Safety Program - Even When Remote - With Practical Connectivity
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If you missed this informative webinar during the original broadcast on September 9th, you can now register for an on-demand recording anytime you want! See all the details here.

In conjunction with BIC Alliance, MSA is proud to sponsor Advance Your Worker Safety Program -- Even When Remote -- With Practical Connectivity.

ABOUT THE WEBINAR:  Safety professionals face a host of challenges in today's world.  Technology proliferation, working from home, budget constraints, and other factors create distractions, interruptions, and frustration.  Join MSA and Safety io to learn about solutions that can help you address a variety of safety challenges and improve safety outcomes starting with your gas detection program.

ABOUT THE SPEAKERS Matt DeLorenzo/Tim Speicher:  Matt has spent 10 years collaborating with industrial and fire service personnel around the world, first as an MSA new product development team member and then as the business director of Safety io.  His primary goat at Safety io is to identify and deliver services that help safety managers improve outcomes.

Tim is responsible for driving the overall data strategy for Safety io which includes identifying and understanding the data to bring value to our customers.  He has more than 20 years of experience providing technology solutions to customers in various positions in the industry before joining Safety io.