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Ultima® OPIR-5 Open Path Gas Detector is MSA's Latest Fixed Gas Detection Product Offering
  • Fixed Gas & Flame Detection Fixed Gas & Flame Detection
The new Ultima OPIR-5 Detector features a dual detection range, enabling sensitivity to both small (ppm•meter) and large (LEL•meter) combustible hydrocarbon gas leaks.

The Detector is performance-approved for use in harsh environments, and has up to a 150-meter path length.

The Ultima OPIR-5 Detector features a unitized display for ease of operation and reduced cost. Automatic gain control compensates for dirty optics, rain and fog.

A single detection beam improves accuracy and reduces drift, while multiple communication outputs (HART, ModBus and AMS Support) provide complete status and control capability in the control room.

For more information on the Ultima OPIR-5 Open Path Gas Detector visit www.MSAnet.com/UltimaOPIR5