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Now Approved - G1 Facepiece with OptimAirĀ® TL PAPR
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MSA is excited to announce that the OptimAir TL PAPR is now approved for use with the G1 Facepiece! Read here for all the details.

The Optimair TL is now approved for use with the G1 Facepiece.  This approval includes all cartridge types for the Optimair TL. Other facepieces which already are approved with the Optimair TL include the Advantage 3100, Advantage 4100 and Ultra Elite.  

The following Optimair TL PAPRs are configured for facepiece use.

10081114 - Optimair TL Kit, for Facepieces, standard battery

10081115 - Optimair TL Kit, for Facepieces, Extended-Life battery

For the G1 Facepiece the single port G1 APR Adapter, P\N 10144231-SP must also be used.

For customers with Hood style Optimair TL PAPRs, the PAPR can be converted for facepiece use by swapping the hood style breathing tube and using the Facepiece style breathing tube -  P\N 10049630.