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Posi3 USB SCBA Flow Test Credit Policy Change
  • Supplied-Air Respirators Supplied-Air Respirators
Please note the following policy change concerning tests credit charges for Posi3 USB SCBA flow test as of May 15th, 2011.

Users are now offered 50,000 test credits for each Posi3 USB unit currently in use. By bringing each unit up to 50,000 test credits, an endless number of tests should be provided to users. 

These test credits are offered to customers at NO EXTRA CHARGE, and will offer additional test credits during the yearly calibration. If you require additional test credits before calibration is due, follow the normal process for ordering test credits; Honeywell will fill the order at no charge. Please contact Honeywell at CCiobanu@Sperian.com for additional information.

The Posi 3 provides functional flow testing and checks for MSA SCBA & other manufacturers.