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Safety io Grid Services – New Success Story
  • Portable Gas Detection Portable Gas Detection
See how Flagstaff Water Services reduced gas safety compliance management time by 70% while increasing gas safety awareness after adopting the Safety io Grid Fleet Manager service.


Flagstaff Water Services provide water, wastewater and stormwater services to over 76,000 people in Arizona. For a long time Flagstaff Water Services are a satisfied MSA gas detection customer, but managing, learning from and reporting on data from those detectors was challenging before the adoption of the Grid Fleet Manager.

“With Safety io Grid services, my team and I are informed about and – more importantly – in control of our detection program. It’s easy, exible, and available whenever and wherever we need it, so we act quickly to keep our staff safe.”

 Jim Huchel, Water Reclamation Manager at Flagstaff Water Services

View the new Safety io Website to discover how Grid Services can empower your company's gas detection program.