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MSA Paraclete® is the leading innovator of quality safety products.
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Applying the latest developments in cutting-edge technology, we continue to provide you with the best products on the market, such as our latest offerings from DRIFIRE®, MSA's Paraclete Shield Series and our Templar® Ballistic Packages.


DriFire Apparel

DRIFIRE FR Apparel from MSA Paraclete

DRIFIRE FR Apparel's ongoing innovation in flame-resistant fabric design provides optimal moisture management and comfort in flame-resistant work wear.



 Tactical Combat Ensemble One-Piece Suit

DRIFIRE FR Tactical Apparel from MSA Paraclete

DRIFIRE FR Tactical Apparel delivers with its flight suit and combat apparel in traditional design for durability, comfort, and performance. Fabric's antimicrobial properties resist odor, dry quickly, and wick moisture.



SHD2 Ballistics Vest

 MSA's Paraclete Templar® Ballistic Packages

The SHD2 Templar Ballistic Package offers the lightest, thinnest, and most flexible Level II protection option.  It can be worn with MSA's newest male and female concealable carrier, the Paraclete Bravo Elite.  The Bravo Elite Concealable Carrier is your choice for low-profile comfort and protection, featuring four- or six- point flexible adjustment and 6"x 8" front trauma plate pocket.


Shield Series of Concealable Body Vests

MSA's Paraclete Shield Series of Concealable Body Vests

MSA Paraclete's Shield Series of Concealable Ballistic Vests features an enhanced design, superior ballistic performance and construction materials that maximize user comfort and mobility.  Not to mention, it offers officer's a bit of modern-day styling.


For further information on these or any of our MSA products, please visit us at www.msaparaclete.com, contact your sales representative  or call customer service at 1-866-672-1001.