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As the leading innovator and provider of quality safety products, we strive to continue to satisfy your needs. The FireHawk® M7 Air Mask Less PASS, the M7 I-HUD Receiver and the Rescue Belt II System are stellar examples of such ingenuity.

We invite you to take a look for yourself. 

Firehawk M7 Less PASS FireHawk M7 Air Mask Less PASS

MSA's FireHawk M7 Air Mask Less PASS for Firefighters, HazMat Workers, and First Responders is basic, rugged, reliable SCBA protection at lower cost for applications where no PASS device is needed.  All pneumatic and electronics performance components are the same as that of MSA's trusted FireHawk M7 and FireHawk M7 Responder Air Masks.

                                 M7 I-HUD Receiver 

M7 I-HUD Receiver MSA's new M7 I-HUD Receiver for FireHawk M7 Air Masks is worn on the INSIDE of your facepiece. New LED light patterns enhance safety and security. Unit automatically syncs with SCBA upon startup. Sleek design offers 40% weight reduction compared to our external HUD. MSA's I-HUD Receiver is available only with the FireHawk M7 PASS device.

Rescue Belt II System

Rescue Belt II System

New, innovative device for emergency egress allows firefighters to rappel to safety should they become trapped in a building's upper level.  Ergonomically-contoured Ara-Shield rescue belt pouch easily stores your rope, descender, hook or carabiner. Rescue Belt II System is compatible with all MSA pouches.

For further information on these or any of our MSA products, please visit us at www.msanorthamerica.com, contact your sales representative  or call MSA Customer Service at 1-800-MSA-2222.